About Minerals

A mineral is an element or chemical compound that has formed as a result of geological processes and is often crystalline in nature.

Numerous physical characteristics of minerals, including as hardness, lustre, streak, and cleavage, can be used to quickly identify them. For instance, the mineral quartz is quite hard and not as readily scratched as the mineral talc, which is quite soft and easily scratched.

Benefits & Uses of Minerals

  • The main source of chromium, a metal needed to harden steel and create alloys like stainless steel, is chromite.
  • Talc is used as a filler in ceramics, paint, and paper, as well as in plastics and rubber products.
  • Fluorspar is an important trace mineral that is necessary for bone and dental health and can be found in significant amounts in fluorspar.
  • Bentonite is utilised in numerous industrial processes, including the production of paper and drilling muds for oil and gas wells.

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