About Company

Agro Hub Salt belongs to one of the most successful investment groups in Pakistan. Our group also endeavors in garment and rice export, real estate development and entertainment industry.

Agro Hub is a premium manufacturer and worldwide exporter of Himalayan Pink Salt & Sea Salt. We have established the company in 2002 and increased the production and sales to 300% during 2016-2018.

Our Himalayan Salt producing units are in Hub Industrial Area Karachi and Port Qasim. Our edible unit is completely automated State of the Art to alleviate chances of human exposure to food. We have installed stainless steel machinery with the end to end solution from washing to drying and separating the salt. We take pride in our unique tailor-made plant which has no analogs.

What Makes AgroHub a Premium Supplier?


We produce the whole range of available items from different such as edible salt, salt blends), non-edible items (tiles, shot glasses, cooking plates), home decor (lamps, candles, nightlights), beauty and spa items (massage stones, foot detox, Himalayan soaps and scrubs), animal licks etc. We are ready to proceed with any requirement regarding the size, weight and quantity of Himalayan Salt Product.


We believe in creating long-lasting relations with our customers and growing together. We believe in partnership relations, hence we often exhibit and attend trade shows together, visit our customers abroad and welcome them to Pakistan with an opened heart. Having a family business, we treat our customers as a part of the Agro Hub family. We believe that 1+1=11 and working in synergy is the only way to achieve mutual success.


In Agro Hub we are striving to adhere to international vision, move with the times and adjust to any customer’s demand or requirement in terms of processes, certifications and product development. We strive to provide the best value for money for products with an overwhelming service.


Our goal is to create lasting relationships with our customers and increase our reach by providing genuine and fair approach in business.


We are Non-GMO, HACCP, ISO 9001, Kosher Certified. We are also the first Pakistani company to receive a BSCI (Business Social Compliance Initiative) certification. BSCI is an initiative of the Foreign Trade Association (FTA) and is a very strict audit designed to improve working conditions for the suppliers of BSCI’s participating member companies. We make sure that our products meet your expectations of high quality and comply with the international standards.


We take full responsibility for our production. While working with food items we make sure that our salt is the purest and safest for consumption. We run production is in a socially and ecologically compatible way.
Agro Hub takes great responsibility to provide good working conditions for the employees, ensure equal gender employment opportunities and make sure there is no child labor. We comply to the worldwide standards in health and safety and appreciate our responsibility to provide the purest of the salts to every table.

Export Countries

Himalayan Pink Salt Lamp Product


  • Australia
  • Belarus
  • Belgium
  • Brazil
  • Bulgaria
  • Canada
  • Chile
  • China
  • Cyprus
  • Czechia
  • Ecuador
  • France
  • Georgia
  • Germany
  • Hungary
  • Indonesia
  • Italy
  • Latvia
  • Lithuania
  • Macedonia
  • Malaysia
  • Netherlands
  • Poland
  • Portugal
  • Romania
  • Russia
  • Serbia
  • South Africa
  • South Korea
  • Spain
  • Sweden
  • Turkey
  • Ukraine
  • United Kingdom
  • United States

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