Basmati rice is a type of rice that originally came in Pakistan, India, and South Asia and is typically served with sauces or in biriyanis, but why limit yourself? This sort of rice combines well with most Asian cuisines and makes a terrific side dish for meat or vegetable-based dishes. Basmati rice is typically eaten with chili chicken cacciatore, curries, or lasagna in the United Kingdom, although it can also be used as a dipping sauce for a simple chicken supper. We’ll offer our list of the top 10 best basmati rice brand Uk accessible online, including Agro Hub,  Tilda, Uncle Ben’s, and others. If you want a carefully cooked packet that you can boil or microwave or a flexible bag that you can portion, we have it all.

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UK’s Top 10 Best Basmati Rice
Summary of the Best Basmati Rice
Buying Guide for Basmati Rice

Best Basmati Rice Brand UKTop 10 Best Basmati Rice Brand Uk

It’s good to express our favored basmati rice, which can now be purchased online in the United Kingdom. With so many options from Tilda, Uncle Ben’s, and Laila, you might as well start the pan and then get the steam boiling!

1. Himalayan Basmati

Vee-Tee’s basmati rice comes from the Himalayan mountains, and it’s a will if you like white rice. It pairs well with soups, sauces, and meat meals to its additional grains, delicious aroma, and puffy consistency. It’s easy to boil and just takes about 12 minutes, so you won’t have to wait long. This basmati rice is low in fat and carbohydrates, so you can eat it even if you’re on a diet or trying to lose weight. However, buying 1 kilogram of rice is generally only helpful whether you’re eating it with friends, family, or roommates, as it’s a lot to get in! If you eat rice on a routine basis and buy it wholesale, you will almost certainly save money.


Cooking Method Boil Cooking Time 12 minutes
White / Brown White Volume 1 kg
Calories per 100 g 85 kcal Carbs per 100 g 18.2 g

2. Classic Basmati Rice

Famous Uncle Ben’s rice is famous since it’s easy to microwave and prepared in just a few mins. This might be your new go-to if you need a light lunch or a during dinner. Because it’s a complex carbohydrate, it’d be a fantastic post-meal to restore glycogen in your body these few hours ahead of your exercise. Even but it’s more expensive per part than a container of dry rice, this packet is roughly a pound for 250 grams, which is a good deal given it feeds two. While you are spending for simplicity, the fact that the state package can be microwaved saves you both time and washing up.

Cooking Method Boil Cooking Time 2 minutes
White / Brown White Volume 250 g
Calories per 100 g 145 kcal Carbs per 100 g 29 g

3. Superior Aged Basmati Rice

Badshah is noted for their exquisite slim and aroma basmati and for providing ‘class it may rely on.’ This premium seasoned basmati rice can become your new favorite if you love boiling your rice and like white over brown. It’s ideal for a quick dinner because it only takes 10 minutes to prepare. This rice has 351 kcal, which is about the usual caloric intake for 100 g of rice, so it will fill you up and raise your activity levels at any time of day. For some, the 5-kilo bag may be excessive, but if you consume a lot of rice, this is a fantastic price.

Cooking Method Boil Cooking Time 10 – 12 minutes
White / Brown White Volume 5 kg
Calories per 100 g 349 kcal Carbs per 100 g 77.2 g

4. Salaam Basmati Rice

If you eat Salaam’s traditional rice a few times daily, you’ll have enough portions last a year. This specific model has great pricing for the volume of the bagless for 5 kg. This basmati rice will be perfect if you were seeking to buy an extra quantity. The fine rice grains emerge from Punjab’s rich soil area, implying top quality and a delicious result. Combine this rice with your favorite sauce for a flavor explosion that takes only 10 minutes to prepare!

Cooking Method Boil Cooking Time 10 minutes
White / Brown White Volume 5 kg
Calories per 100 g 351 kcal Carbs per 100 g 84 g

5. Boil in the Bag Basmati Rice

If you’ve had trouble measuring out an accurate amount of rice or estimating how much you’ll eat? Tesco has taken up the slack with their boil-in-the-bag basmati, which takes only 10-12 minutes to prepare. You’ll get 8 portions weighed out, help you save time and preventing organic waste. These small packets are meant to serve two people, so if you adhere to the proportion, you’ll get a nutritious side dish that goes well with chilies con Carne or curries. With only 153 calories per 100 grams, this basmati is a great choice if you’re limiting your calorie and carb usage.

Cooking Method Boil Cooking Time 10 – 12 minutes
White / Brown White Volume 4 × 125 kg
Calories per 100 g 153 kcal Carbs per 100 g 32.3 g

6. Pure Original Basmati

To optimize healthiness and quality, Tilda’s products are manufactured using hand-selected Himalayan components. This specific basmati is smooth, with a beautiful scent that you’ll appreciate both feeling and eating. It only takes 10-12 minutes to prepare, and it’s well worth waiting. It varies on what you’re searching for, but 500 g is a good starting point because it gets a lot of parts (about 8) and allows you to see how well you like it. This basmati is a nutritious source of power that feels wonderful, with a daily caloric value of 351 kcal per 100g and 77.7g of carbohydrates per 100 g.

Cooking Method Boil Cooking Time 10 minutes
White / Brown White Volume 500 g
Calories per 100 g 351 kcal Carbs per 100 g 77.7 g

7. Brown Basmati Rice

You won’t be disappointed with this brown basmati rice, which takes an estimate of 14 minutes to boil. Laila preserves their rice to bring out more flavor and texture, creating delectable basmati that’s also a healthy food to fill you up. We will only suggest purchasing this rice even if you’re a daily rice eater, as 5 kg is quite large; though it does also last seasons, and you may not waste any. Maybe you’d like to check it out before committing, Asda also sells smaller quantities of 2 kg. However, it’s well worth the £8 price tag, as it comes out to approximately a steal.

Cooking Method Boil Cooking Time 14 minutes
White / Brown Brown Volume 5 kg
Calories per 100 g 355 kcal Carbs per 100 g 78 g

8. Kohinoor Golden Basmati Rice

Here’s another affordable 10 kg package of basmati rice for all who enjoy it and cooked it frequently. Buying rice in bulk saves money in the long term, particularly if you order shipped directly to your door. It can be difficult to take this bag home from the store or shift it to the van! If you buy the larger bag, basmati rice from Kohinoor. This traditional basmati is a high-quality, tractor long grain with a rich flavor that goes well with chicken or Indian cuisine.

Cooking Method Boil Cooking Time 10 – 12 minutes
White / Brown White Volume 10 kg
Calories per 100 g 356 kcal Carbs per 100 g 77 g

9. Steam Basmati Lemon and Herb Rice

Tilda’s quick rice is ideal for those who have deficits. What you had was a microwave for this, which is likely one of the quickest solutions. You can cook it even if you’re not using one! It’s perfect for taking to work or serving with your dinner, and the light lemon and herb flavor makes it easy to serve with basic sides. This 250 g bag makes two servings, so it’s ideal for a meal for two – try it with tuna to compliment the zesty lemon. The advantage of this basmati is that, despite its aroma, it is minimal in calories, containing only 137 calories per 100 g. Is it possible to say no?

Cooking Method Microwave Cooking Time 2 minutes
White / Brown White Volume 250 g
Calories per 100 g 137 kcal Carbs per 100 g 26.1 g

10. Tilda Brown Basmati Rice

Tilda’s brown basmati rice may take longer to prepare than other rice options available, but believe us when we say it’s deserved! The golden-brown grains have a crunchy texture and are high in micronutrients. Brown rice also has far more protein than white rice, making it one of the healthiest choices. With a 500 g package, you’ll have plenty of servings to last several months, and the pricing, despite being from a well-known brand, is reasonable.


Cooking Method Boil Cooking Time 25 minutes
White / Brown Brown Volume 500 g
Calories per 100 g 351 kcal Carbs per 100 g 71.2 g
  • Microwave rice is good and cooked in a short time.
  • The aroma is so pungent.
  • The prices are so reasonable.
  • Brown rice may sticky sometimes.

Best Basmati Rice Brand UK

Summary of the Best Basmati Rice

As you can see, basmati rice comes in a wide variety of flavors. It is the same for everybody’s activity and flavor, even if you’re searching for a quick precooked package or beneficial brown rice to cook. Ideally, this information has assisted you in weighing your alternatives to select the ideal package to serve with your curries or other delicious food.

Buying Guide for Basmati Rice

While selecting basmati rice, think about how many servings you want in the package, how swiftly you let it cook, and if you desire white or brown rice. Proteins and carbs may also be significant to some. This buying guide will outline the important variables to think about.

Pakistani basmati rice brand in the UK

Agro Hub Basmati Rice

Agro Hub Basmati Rice from Pakistan in the UK will delight your taste senses. A high-level and best basmati rice in the United Kingdom that is so rich in flavor, scent, and texture that it transports you to a moment of absolute remembrance for basmati history. With its elongated grain, the most delicious rice provides satisfaction to your meal. We go to great lengths to provide you with the best Pakistani basmati rice and nutritious packaged foods in the UK.

White Pearl Basmati Rice

White Pearl Basmati Rice is a superior, standard Basmati rice that has been matured for 18 months and is farmed exclusively from the lush areas of Punjab, wherein Basmati originated. it is the most well-known Basmati rice brand in Pakistan. And we can demonstrate it with an Excellent Taste Certificate!

Dietary advice
  • For every 100 g (as sold)
  • 1505 kJ/354 kcal energy
  • 5 g protein
  • 0 g carbohydrate, with 0.1 g sugars
  • 5 g fat, 0.2 g saturated fat
  • 3 g fiber
  • Trace of Sodium

Habib Basmati Rice

For many years, Habib has been a famous commercial and retail brand of Pakistani Basmati rice. Habib Rice, which is grown in the Himalayan mountains, is now a staple among Pakistani populations in the United Kingdom. A well-known brand among the Pakistani population in the United Kingdom. Savory rice with a subtle essence to go with Pakistani food. When prepared, wide, fluffy white grains make a beautiful appearance.

Habib comes in six different sizes: 500g\s2kg\s5kg\s10kg\s20kg\s40kg

It is ideal for one’s fav rice dishes, whether it’s biryani, pilau, or boiled rice.

  • The flavor of all type rice’s are delicious.
  • The fragrance is amazing.
  • Boiled and biryani rice can be cooked better.
  • Prices may vary.
Pros Cons
The flavor of all types of rice’s are delicious Prices may vary
Fragrance is amazing
Boiled and biryani rice can be cooked better

Basmati rice can be cooked in a variety of ways, just like most rice kinds. By obviously, boiling it on the stovetop is perhaps the most common approach, although microwaveable packages are also available. Furthermore, some people want their portion quantities to be pre-determined, that’s where ferment comes in useful! It all relies on the amount of energy that has to make the rice.

Best Basmati Rice Brand UK

Buying Guide

Pakistani rice with the greatest taste and beautiful aroma is available in many stores and online. Different brands promote their brands by advertisement and sometimes by selling them at low prices in different seasons. All the best basmati rice gives a favorable aroma and smooth texture when cooked and when boiled.


The most conventional method of preparing dry basmati is to boil it, and it’s also the cleanest and nicest. Although you should examine the time required to simmer this kind, as it varies according to the kind and manufacturer – white basmati might take as little as 10 minutes to cook, while multi grain will take roughly 25 minutes. If you’d rather boil the rice, add very little water and cover it with a cover, although this is usually a better approach for rice noodles that are designed to be sticky.


What is the best basmati rice available in the United Kingdom?

  • A 10-pound bag of Royal White Basmati Rice
  • Pure Original Basmati Tilda Legendary Rice, 10-pound bag
  • Extra Long Indian Basmati Rice, Naturally Aged, 2.2lb., Pride of India
  • A 10-pound bag of Daawat Traditional Basmati Rice
  • Brown Basmati Lundberg Organic Rice, 4-pound bag

Which basmati rice is the best in the UK?

Most of the brands available in the UK are 1121, it had long grains but no organic scent. Look for the term “traditional basmati” and the country of origin. Classical basmati is greatest when the crop is at least six months old.

Which brand of basmati rice is the most widely accessible in the UK?

In the United Kingdom, all types of Basmati rice are readily accessible. Every supermarket has a rice area where you may find the rice you want.

The following are some of the most famous Basmati rice varieties available in the UK:

  • Veetee Supreme Basmati Rice Tilda Wholegrain Basmati Rice
  • KTC Premium Basmati Rice Rozana Basmati Rice Akash Basmati Rice

There you have complete control over your options based on your requirements.

How can you know if the Basmati rice you’re buying is authentic?

The more basmati grain there is, the healthier. A somewhat tapering end of grain is yet another crucial indicator. The sides of the basmati grains must never be plain. Color: The greatest basmati rice isn’t brilliant white; instead, the grains should get a subtle golden tint but not be grey.

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