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Rock Salt

Best Rock Salt for Cooking – Rock Salt

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Halite is commonly referred to as rock salt. It is a rock, not a mineral, which distinguishes it from the salt you could find on your dinner table, even though…

Rock Salt Lamp

Best Rock Salt Lamp – Rock Salt Lamp

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Rock salt lamp is hollowed-out crystals of amber-colored rock salt with a lightbulb within. Rock salt emits a warm, reddish-pink glow when light them. These decorative objects, according to their…

Best Himalayan Salt

Best Himalayan Salt – Himalayan Pink Salt Uses

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If you’ve got a glowing Himalayan pink salt bulb in your bedroom or a gorgeous pink Himalayan salt cutting board from your neighborhood home goods store, pink Himalayan salt is…

Pink Himalayan Salt Bath

Himalayan Salt Bath Benefits – Pink Himalayan Salt Bath

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There is no scientific proof that Pink Himalayan salt baths are healthier than other mineral baths. Mineral baths, such as Himalayan salt baths, may nonetheless, but beneficial in many ways….