Supply Chain Department

Our Supply Chain department is responsible for taking care of the following segments:

Raw Material:

  • Requisition of Raw Material
  • Screening Raw material
  • The manual process of cleaning / Quality control
  • Offloading to the production department
  • Maintaining relevant documentations
  • Issuance of raw material to WIP/Semi-Finished Goods department.

Work in process WIP:

  • Production processes
  • Assuring compliance and Quality control
  • Producing Semi-Finished Goods
  • Maintaining relevant documentation.
  • Issuance to store and Packaging department.

Store and Packaging:

  • Issuance of Raw material, prepacked items, and buffer items to the relevant departments.
  • Planning of work orders
  • Inventory Control
  • Identifying priority sheets
  • Coordination with the purchasing department for packaging material.
  • Sorting and packaging
  • Loading Finished Goods to Dispatch department

Dispatch Department:

  • Receiving Goods Transfer notes from the Production department
  • Quantity verification with reference to Goods Transfer Notes
  • Verification of containers with respect to shipments.
  • Loading Goods into the containers
  • Final Dispatching and maintaining Gate Passes

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