Have you ever wondered about all the hype over sea salt? In general, sea salt is derived from ocean water or salty lake water through evaporation. Salt is a mineral made from combined elements of sodium (Na) and chlorine (Cl). Together, they form the crystallized substance sodium chloride (NaCl). It’s been used worldwide for cooking since prehistoric times.

What’s the Difference Between Sea Salt and Table Salt?

You’ve probably heard of the everyday health warning about the amount of sodium needed: “Stick to a low-sodium diet or watch your sodium intake for better heart health.” While there is some truth about salt causing hypertension, this only applies to refined white table salt that you’ll often see in restaurant salt shakers. That’s because these salts have been stripped of their beneficial minerals and only have sodium and chloride, which create imbalances and disease in the body.

Is Sea Salt Good For You?

In recent years, the popularity of sea salt has increased among people who are against acceptable salt. Many products on the market are being made attractive by adding sea salt to their ingredients; chefs use it in their recipes, and even skincare products are made of it.

Sea salt is considered to be healthier by nutritionists because it is collected simply by the process of evaporation. Therefore, it retains mineral traces (like magnesium, calcium, potassium, and iron), making it healthier, tastier, and more colorful. On the other hand, table salt or refined salt is extracted through underground mining and then processed before reaching us. During this process, many minerals are removed, making it less healthy. However, iodine is added to acceptable salt, which helps prevent Goiter (a thyroid gland problem).

Skin Benefits Of Sea Salt

Nowadays, many body scrubs, facial products, and other skincare products also have sea salt as the main ingredient. The reason for using sea salt in skincare products is that it has been found to reduce dryness and hydrate the skin, leaving it soft. Another significance of sea salt is that taking a bath with sea salt is highly effective against eczema and is recommended by doctors as it significantly reduces inflammation. However, research proves that it is due to the quantity of magnesium in the sea salt rather than the salt concentration. Another study discovered that greater sodium chloride levels in the body and on the skin may increase the number of immune cells that cause the inflammatory responses associated with dry, itchy skin.

Where To Buy Sea Salt?

Consumers can easily find sea salt of different colors, sizes, and flavors in major supermarkets. The preference of many consumers leans towards unprocessed Fleur de Sel, also known as the “Flower of salt,” which is hand-picked and harvested naturally. Acceptable sea salt is preferably used in cooking and for seasoning salads and meat at the table. These discussed benefits and uses of acceptable sea salt have made it worth buying sea salt.

Why Choose Agro Hub Sea Salt?

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