It’s controversial either Himalayan salt lamps actually filter the air, but they certainly look nice on a bedside? Himalayan salt lamp warning are describing due to the precautionary measurements so, it should be careful while using it. The production of ozone by air ionizers is a potential danger. This gas has the potential to cause harm in high quantities.

  • Irritation in the throat and lungs
  • Take a deep inhale and feel pain, burning, or discomfort.
  • Symptoms related to airborne diseases due to shortness of breath
  • Asthma symptoms are intensifying.

These ozone toxicity symptoms are unlikely to be caused by Himalayan salt lamps, which appear to create few or no ions. Himalayan salt lamps are typically kept on shelves and tables that cats can reach.

Many people are scared that their cats may be poisoned if they lick the lamp, which they enjoy doing, but the fact is that cats are more susceptible to high salt than humans. High salt consumption does not raise their risk of cancer or kidney problems; rather, it causes them to drink more water, which boosts urination and eliminates kidney stones.

However, many claims go beyond their aesthetic worth, claiming that these lamps would clean your air, improve your mood, assist people in sleeping, and much more. Himalayan Salt lamps provide a plethora of health benefits, particularly for people who have trouble napping or breathing. A lamp in a room emits a pleasant, warm glow that instantly induces calm.

Himalayan Salt Lamp Warning

Himalayan salt lamps are known for their bright pink color, organic designs, and several health advantages. A Himalayan salt lamp may now be seen in almost every yoga studio. The light produced by these bulbs is warm and muted.

For a long time, salt lamps are being available commercially. They aren’t brand-new items by any means. Though their appearance and usage have evolved over time, their benefits have remained mostly the same.

  • Himalayan Salt Lamps can help with allergies such as asthma, respiratory issues, and so many more.
  • Himalayan salt is a natural air purifier that organically cleans the air we breathe.
  • Other table lamps can’t match the natural atmosphere and illumination it produces.
  • They’re likewise low-cost and low-cost, but they come with a lot of advantages.

Although, there are a few Himalayan salt lamp warnings to be advised of, also steps to take when you have one in your house.

Electrical hazard

If the wiring on electrical equipment is faulty or broken, or if the salt lamp is used inappropriately, it might cause a fire. From your power socket to the salt lamp, a correct electrical cable is run. Fire is a complicating factor when treated improperly using the incorrect wires and supplies.

Whether the salt freezes on an exposure light holder, it can harm the cable and lamp holder as well as a spark, posing a fire risk. Even with the most inexpensive salt lights, this risk is minimal. We don’t advocate placing your lamp on carpeting if you’re concerned about it.


Water can form on the surface of natural salt lamps because they absorb water vapor. The water will evaporate if your lamp is switched on. However, if your lamp isn’t warm enough, the water may drip onto the lamp’s bottom or the furniture beneath it.

Rust could occur if either surface is made of metal. Moisture could deform or discolor the wood if the surface is composed of it. While this type of rust isn’t harmful to your health. you should double-check that the lamp’s bulb isn’t touching the rock. To avoid condensation, the bulb should be cradled inside a rock cavity far away from the boulder’s edges.

Risk for pets

Ingesting too much salt can injure both dogs and cats, making Himalayan salt lamps potentially deadly for your pets. As cats can jump onto bookshelves and tables to lick the lamps, they may be particularly vulnerable. A cat may not be harmed by one or two tastes, but repeated licking may cause salt poisoning.

If your cat has licked your salt lamp too much, you may see the following signs of salt toxicity:

  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Sleepiness
  • Annexations
  • Demise

To avoid unintentional salt toxicity, keep your salt lamp out of reach of your cat or dog.

Himalayan Salt Lamp Warning

Warning for Small Children

Opponents of salt lamps frequently issue warnings for tiny children. These can, in reality, be rather enormous and hefty at times. And you’ll need them in large lengths if you want to breathe a lot of filtered air. Small children have a habit of knocking things over.

Picking on cords and wires is a crime committed by some bad ones. When used excessively, their wires can gradually break loose, posing an electrical threat to tiny children. Furthermore, their weight can be really unpleasant when it falls on any area of your children’s bodies.

Furthermore, this is not a problem with the salt lamps themselves, but rather with how they are used. In a family with children, using USB salt lamps or setting them at a high height is far preferable. This warning will be removed from shelves, high tables, and other areas where they might be out of reach.

Heavy Salt Lamp

Salt lamps are also heavier than other led bulbs and can be dangerous for humans. Because they’re hand-hewn, they’re also visibly asymmetric. If you push your salt lamp slightly, it may fall due to a poorly carved base (too small, uneven, not properly attached, etc.) or if it’s a bit topside heavy.

It’s a good idea to double-check that the salt lamp is securely attached to its base, as low-quality lamps can be carelessly made and not properly fastened.


What is the average life expectancy of a Himalayan salt lamp?

Including in moist environments, if you leave your salt lamp on all the time or cover it in silicone caulking or a plastic bag when not in use (for example, when going on vacation), it may last for decades. We can’t assist you if your pets are continuously licking it, even under ‘normal’ circumstances, your salt lamp will survive a long time.

Is it possible to break Himalayan salt lamps?

You might even try sculpting it yourself if you enjoy being artistic. Around our house, we have both natural and sculpted Himalayan salt lamps. Everyone has something to say about them. We have one in our office as well. When it comes to breaking your salt lamp, if you drop it from a height of 6 feet, it will most certainly crack all over your floor. It’s best not to do it.

Is it harmful to use Himalayan Salt Crystal Lamps?

While there is nothing hazardous in the salt block itself, it is best to clean Himalayan salt lamps in a few weeks because they can accumulate thin dirt and other indoor pollutants. You can even lick your lamp after you’ve cleaned it. If you run out of salt in your kitchen, you can scrape some off to use in cooking.

Is it convenient to take Himalayan salt lamps on?

The stronger the air cleaning impact of your Himalayan salt lamp, the longer you leave it on. Small light bulbs used in lamps require very little electricity, and if you switch them off, your salt lamp may begin to leak water.

Are there any harmful effects of using a Himalayan Salt Lamp?

These lamps really tackle two main causes of headaches by cleansing the air of irritants and giving a soothing amber-colored glow, rather than intense blue light that affects sleep habits.

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