Shelf Ready Solutions

Agro Hub International offers a wide range of packing solutions for its customer’s private labels, including grinders, shakers, pouches, jars, etc. These high-quality packing solutions help our customers save time and effort.

Salt Grinders

We have a range of premium quality grinders made up of Ceramic, Stainless Steel as well as Plastic Mills. These grinders can be available in different sizes including 230 grams and 130 grams.

salt grinder

Glass Grinder

Our glass bottle grinders fall under our premium line category. They are available in different sizes but mostly 230 grams is used.

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Glass Grinder - New Addition

A new edition to the grinder family, this glass grinder is also available in the size 230 grams but has a different design with a ceramic top.

Edible Salt Products

Glass Grinder

These trendy grinders are available in 85 grams with a ceramic top. Customers can have them with their private labels.

Himalayan Pink Salt

Flat Base Pouch

Agro Hub also has a range of pouches that can be used for private labels of our customers. Our Plastic stand-up pouch comes with a zip-lock and is available in different sizes.  These pouches can be custom made according to the demands of the customer.

Himalayan Crystal Salt

Stand Up Pouch

Stand up pouch is another type of plastic pouch we offer for our customers. These can also be custom designed according to the wish of our customers whether it be the size or print.

Pink Himalayan Salt

Spout Pouch

Our spout pouch can also be made custom according to the size and design requirements of our customers.

Himalayan Pink Salt

Plastic Shaker

Our elegant plastic shaker with a flip-top cap is available in 560 grams and 750 grams with private labels. They are transparent so that the beauty of Himalayan Pink Salt is visible.

Himalayan Pink Salt

Salt Shakers

Our Cylinder shape plastic shakers are available in 130 grams and 340 grams and 740 grams with your company information and private label.

Edible Pink Salt Products

Tube Shaker

These tube shakers are made of cardboard with plastic shaker top and bottom made of tin. They are available in 750 grams.

Himalayan Pink Salt

Mason Jar

Agro Hub also offers trendy glass jars called Mason Jars. They include stickers with our client’s information and can have different designs of holes on the lid.

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Plastic Containers

We also have high quality fancy plastic containers which are available in 2.5lbs and 5lbs sizes with private label options for our clients.

Himalayan Pink Salt Product

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