Are you amazed by how quickly a slight increase in humidity may make you uncomfortable when summer arrives? Rock salt dehumidifier is the best option to reduce your home moisture. Rock salt is a naturally hygroscopic mineral that collects & moisturizes as that dehumidifier does.

You sweat more as a result of the excess moisture, and your home suffers in other ways as well. Dust mites can grow in dark, moist areas of your home, particularly downstairs. And this is one of the key reasons why getting rid of humidity in your basement is so vital. Rock salt is fully natural, non-toxic, easily available, cheap, and does not require any electricity.

You should have to a bought costly dehumidifier that controls humidity, the uncertainty you are living in a high humid climate. However, if you are seeking a natural solution to reduce humidity, you’ll be surprised that rock salt is a natural dehumidifier.

Rock Salt Dehumidifier

Rock salt is a mineral that is mined deep and transported to a particular processing plant. The salt rock blocks are collected and then sold traditionally. Society utilizes rock salt as a natural dehumidifier for a multitude of reasons.

Its convenience and non-toxicity are two of them. Two baskets or any other container are used to rapidly make your rock salt dehumidifier. The ability to stack these containers is the most significant criterion. The moisture consistency in the air is simply humidity.

Within your home, the humidity level should be between 25% – 45%. It becomes inconvenient for people when humidity rises. Fleas and mold thrive in high humidity, and they are major allergies for everyone.

Rock salt: dehumidifier

If you want to solve your moisture problem on a reasonable budget, rock salt is a solution. To make a rock salt dehumidifier, start with a 5 kg bag of NaCl. What you’ll have to do next is:

  • Drill multiple little holes on one basket’s side and bottom.
  • The drilled basket is now placed inside the other.
  • Put rock salt in the basket.
  • As time passes, water droplets will drop through the openings in the inner basket and then into the outer basket.
  • Fill the outer basket as needed.
  • As needed, replenish the rock salt supply.

The dehumidifier performance can be checked as how much water is absorbing thru the rock salt and collected in the lower basket. You also can check the moisture content in your space with a hygrometer. You can also improve the performance of your dehumidifier by increasing its size.

Rock Salt Dehumidifier

The science behind rock salt dehumidifier

Salt is a hygroscopic material; Moisture from the air that surrounds it will absorb and hold them until they are fully hydrated. There is no difference between table salt and rock salt when it comes to this effect. Various salt-like compounds have the same effect. As consequence other inorganic salts are more effective in your dehumidifier.

Granules of non-hydrated calcium-chloride may be found in a product used to de-ice walkways. another salt that is excellent in removing water from the atmosphere. Although this salt is not the same as table salt, it may be used in your homemade dehumidifier in a certain way.

High humidity symptoms

Homeowners with high humidity levels face a wide range of problems, including the following:

  • The temperature will make feel much hotter than it is.
  • The air will feel humid, and perspiration can’t cool you down because it won’t evaporate.
  • Sleep issues.
  • Frizzy hairs, un-even make-up.
  • Wood furniture can warp, and if your doors have grown in size, they may cling.
  • Mildew will grow on materials, causing them to rot. Your materials will be more visible if stained, and more likely to suffer damage.
  • Pets will begin to stink even worse than before.
  • Rust will appear on your metal objects.

Rock Salt Dehumidifier


How Effective is Rock Salt?

Dehumidifying with rock salt is quite effective. As rock salt is a hygroscopic material that attracts and holds water, comparable to a rechargeable humidifier. After few days change the amount of salt. It’s naturally non-toxic, inexpensive, appropriate, and simple to use, plus it doesn’t require electricity!

How much rock salt absorbs moisture from the air?

The power of salt to absorb water from its surroundings is remarkable. Salt gets deliquescent at a moisture content of roughly 75%, which means it absorbs so much water that it becomes a solution. Keep out of reach of children and pets.

Is rock salt capable of absorbing water?

As salt is an ionic substance, it attracts polar organic particles with strong attraction forces. Salt is hygroscopic, which means it absorbs both liquid and gaseous water.

Is there a difference between an egg dehumidifier and a rock salt dehumidifier?

The egg is nothing more than a small, expensive jar stuffed with silica gel absorbent. You won’t be able to put a typical thermally dehumidifier gadget into a small container the size of a shoebox, so it’ll be more useful. If you’re trying to dehumidify a damp basement, rock salt is a natural dehumidifier on either side. It has the capability of absorbing more moisture than any dehumidifier on the market.

What is the best way to dehumidify with rock salt?

Dehumidifying can be done with any hygroscopic material (to varying degrees). Rock salt (NaCl) is a hygroscopic substance with excellent dehumidification properties. It absorbs water particles from air having no irritating adore and making the air pleasant.

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